the power of synergy

Artime Group is a full-service advertising and marketing partner that practices a synergistic approach to the agency/client relationship for the single purpose of consistently delivering measurable results.

Results like growing a B2C company's business by 7% through an integrated marketing campaign, or gaining 5% marketshare for a B2B company in a down economy; while remaining the premium priced brand in the market. Artime Group strategies generated direct response results for a technology company 400% higher than budgeted, and drove over 20,000 leads to an Internet company through a national advertising campaign.

We believe our success is founded on a simple principle: that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That when agency and client commit to a single goal, "client success," the work is consistently more on-target, more creative and more effective. It's the exponentially-powerful principle called synergy. It's reflected in our logo - "a" to the power of group, and its been delivering results since 1995.

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