Build an omni-channel brand to address the disruption to brick n’ mortar from online retailers.


Establish a consumer-focused position that builds trust and increases demand for dealers.

Same great value, bold new attitude.

Online retailers are here to stay and every ‘brick n’ mortar’ retailer needs a plan to survive. Two years ago Coaster Fine Furniture made the noteworthy decision to help them succeed in today’s retail ecosystem.

In early 2018, Artime Group was asked to pitch the re-design of Coaster’s website. After discovering their motivation for this, we made our case for a complete brand and channel marketing strategy overhaul. Our perspective earned us their business and we have been growing their brand ever since.

Developing an entire digital ecosystem

Artime Group developed a new tech stack that allows the website, the app and other platforms to work together to provide real-time data and content to consumers and dealers. By centralizing the data, Coaster can scale quickly and efficiently and extend their digital ecosystem in the future without spending money on another redundant back-end system.

We elevated Coaster’s brand across all channels and increased dealer and consumer engagement.

Artime Group produced various videos for use online and throughout Coaster showrooms

Our unified approach enabled Coaster to evolve into a true omni-channel brand.

Artime Group rebuilt the Coaster website as part of a holistic strategy. It requires a complete omni-channel approach, including the dealer network and the consumer. This approach led to a new logo, a new product strategy, showroom upgrades, national ad campaigns and several new media channels including a social media strategy.

Dealer Email Campaign Featuring Key App Benefits

Weekly Social Media Posts

Integrated B2B Print & Digital Campaign


Coaster is a rejuvenated omni-channel brand.