A ghost kitchen start-up set out to disrupt the fledgling food delivery marketplace on a national scale. They asked Artime Group to help.

Artime’s thinking was instrumental when we were getting started. They expanded our bench and helped us create the strategic foundation and core vocabulary that has driven our marketing message from the start.

Jim CollinsCEO, Kitchen United

We worked with the Executive Team to develop a compelling brand narrative.

Through a series of collaborative meetings, we helped Kitchen United define themselves differently than their competition. With several well-funded Ghost Kitchen brands entering the market, it was important for Kitchen United to establish a leadership position and confident tone early. It enabled them to secure $10M and then $40M in funding.

We helped Kitchen United develop assets, design systems and marketing protocols.

Artime Group developed the branding guidelines for each (MIX) location, for both interior and exterior execution. We scouted each location in order to fully immerse ourselves in the local market and understand the feel and rhythm of each MIX neighborhood.

Top Left: Location Scouting Report
Lower Left: Interior Branding Exploration
Right: MIX signage installed in Austin, TX

We developed a two-fold marketing strategy: build brand value and sales growth on a national scale.

We created the collateral materials and support media for local area events in order to speak to both national and regional restaurant brands. For their Chicago grand opening we helped drive KU 7,293 clicks to their website, where local consumers engaged 2.51 pages on average, and spent an average time of 5:04 on the site. Chicago now has 16 restaurants in the MIX.

Artime Group helped fill their MIX locations and close $50 million dollars in funding.

Our targeted content and campaign roll-outs at a national and local level enabled Kitchen United to raise $10M and $40M of financing, helping them to evolve into a truly successful omni-channel brand.

“One spot. All the eats.”

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