A little bit about Henry

Henry oversees all agency brand and strategic initiatives, and has over 25 years of experience working with clients of all sizes, in a multitude of industries. Henry has successfully grown both B2B and B2C brands by focusing our Clients on a customer-centric, 4-Step approach for reaching their marketing objectives. He has played a key strategic role for such brands as Viewsonic, Six Flags, Sanwa Bank, Farmer John, Sara Lee, CALFED, Mercury Insurance, RoseHills, Utility Trailer, Affinity Internet, Rehrig Pacific Company, Double Coin Tires, Coaster Fine Furniture, Kitchen United, and many others. 

Award-winning work under his creative direction, across the entire spectrum of marketing communications, has been selected for publication in national creative periodicals as well as design annuals championing high standards worldwide. He is most often heard in the office carrying on about, “Identify-Clarify-Unify-Justify.”

Henry loves casting a clear vision for brands, but he also loves casting a #18 Pale Morning Dun, particularly on the Madison River in Montana.

Henry’s Experience

  • Bossing People Around
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Messaging Development
  • Brand Unification
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Campaign Development
  • Creative Development
  • Website Planning
  • Video Production


Ice Cream:

LA Dodgers

Normandy, France

Fly Fishing

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