A little bit about Jeremy

Jeremy is an artist at heart. He started his career silk screening T-shirts after going to school for graphic design. From there he went into sales, selling commercial printing services and representing both brokers/distributers and manufacturers alike. He created his own trackable print marketing technology to help customers bridge the gap between print and digital technology which was the beginning of his transformation from a print sales person to a marketing account manager. Jeremy’s drive to provide clients with true value and creative excellence is what ultimately brought him to Artime Group.

His role within Artime Group is to discover businesses who desire to grow and strengthen their relationship with their customers and manage the implementation of marketing strategies to achieve those goals. He is driven by the feeling of satisfaction he gets when his clients are profitable and experiences positive results.

Jeremy’s Experience

  • New Business
  • Graphic Communications
  • Value Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Direct Response
  • Relationship Building
  • Account Management
  • Print Solutions
  • Programming
  • Integrated Marketing


Ice Cream:
Vanilla w/Pecans +++

Buffalo Bills

Catalina Island