Agency Launches New Product for Rehrig Pacific Company

July 17, 2012

Artime Group is pleased to announce the development of an integrated marketing campaign for its client, Rehrig Pacific Company’s new EZ Pal One-Touch Delivery System.

Since 2008, Rehrig Pacific has retained the Agency to strategically position their products and services into multiple vertical markets. With the introduction of Rehrig Pacific’s new product launch of the EZ Pal One-Touch Delivery System for the beverage industry, the Agency has recently developed an integrated marketing campaign for the material handling, supply chain, food & beverage, and logistics management industries. The new system is used for efficiently picking, loading and delivering of DSD (Direct Store Delivery) products; increasing overall productivity and lowering the total cost per delivery.

The Agency developed an integrated campaign consisting of public relations, a product demonstration video for the sales team, collateral materials, and a print ad campaign for various vertical trade publications. “We have received excellent feedback throughout the sales channel on how effectively the EZ Pal One-Touch Delivery System’s true value proposition was successfully communicated and understood,” said Henry Artime, President of Artime Group. The EZ Pal One-Touch Delivery System video was Rehrig Pacific’s fourth of five videos created by the Agency, with another currently in production.

“We continue to encourage our clients to shift their focus towards utilizing the video communications medium to better engage their target audience and efficiently communicate their value,” commented Van Nguyen, the Agency’s Media Director.

The Agency is also extending the Company’s new creative platform for their Environmental Waste & Recycling division as well as with their other Supply Chain Solutions products.