Agency Unveils the New Utility Trailer Website

September 27, 2017

Artime Group, a multi-channel marketing agency focused on B2B and manufacturing clients, is pleased to announce the redesign and launch of,

After more than 1,000 staff hours, 10,000 lines of original code, the addition and incorporation of two new product launches, more than 12-months of development, over 530 individual pages, and months of internal beta-testing, the new Utility Trailer website is now online. Artime Group and Utility Trailer Manufacturing have worked together for thirteen years, and this launch marks the third major advancement to Utility’s corporate website.

“When designing and developing our new website, we focused on creating a navigational structure that is more intuitive,” said Larry Roland, Director of Marketing for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. “We also opted for a simple and modern design that best articulates the Utility brand.

“I wanted us to develop a far more responsive, intuitive and engaging user experience for Utility’s visitors,” said Sam Kim, Vice President, Interactive Technologies for Artime Group. “We first did an industry-wide UI/UX review and then developed several personas to guide us thoughtfully through our architectural stage; defining navigation goals and objectives. We then incorporated current web standards compatible with various browsers and devices. Today, this new website utilizes video and 3-D animations more extensively than any other site we have developed.”

“Our collaboration with Utility’s marketing team was a gratifying experience, which led to new ideas that we expect to be the new standard in Utility’s space,” added Henry Artime, President of Artime Group. The redeveloped website launched on September 1, 2017.