Artime Group is the Recipient of Three International Davey Awards

December 15, 2020

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) has once again honored Artime Group with three International Davey Awards. The Agency earned one gold award and two silver awards for their creative advertising and design work.

The gold award was given to Artime Group for the Kitchen United (KU) MIX logo under the “Corporate Identity” category in the awards competition. “While we were in the midst of rebranding Kitchen United to their B2B audience, the client asked our team to also develop a new consumer brand under the KU umbrella,” said Van Nguyen, Vice President of Artime Group. “When you have a virtual kitchen that offers several food options, just as KU does, it’s imperative that the logo and the name convey the right message to the consumer. We approached the Kitchen United Mix logo with a “less is more” mindset, but included bold contrasting colors that showcases KU’s diversity, which is an important company culture that KU instills in everything that they do.”

In addition, Artime Group received two Davey silver awards. The first was given in the “B2B Direct Mail” category for Coaster Fine Furniture’s mobile application inventory e-blast. Sam Kim, Vice President of Digital Technologies at Artime Group stated, “Since launching Coaster’s first-ever mobile app that we designed and developed, we have continued to release new app features throughout the year in order to keep our client top-of-mind and boost engagement with their dealers.” Kim added, “We used the ‘Coaster red’ color in the e-blast to really take ownership of the visual identity of the brand, which was first established when we rebranded the company last year.”

The second silver award was for the Agency’s work on a B2B print advertising campaign for Double Coin tires. Double Coin’s “Letters” campaign for 2020 focused on the company’s four important selling points — quality, price, availability, and service. “There are many manufacturers that say they have three of these qualities, but we rarely hear them talk about all four,” stated Nguyen. “Since the publications had cross readership, we created a series of ads that focused on each of these vital selling points. We also used the ‘Double Coin yellow’ in creating the print ad in order to take ownership of its brand identity and grab the reader’s attention.”

“We want to thank the AIVA for these awards. Our team of in-house designers, developers, and marketers are truly honored to be recognized by our peers,” added Nguyen.

The 16th Annual Davey Awards were judged by AIVA, a 700+ member organization that consists of leading professionals from various fields within the visual arts community, including a wide range of media, advertising, and marketing firms such as Disney, Microsoft, and Yahoo!