Artime Group Launches Tianli Tire Brand

July 7, 2020

Longtime client, CMA retains Artime Group to rebrand and market their newest acquired line of products, Tianli Tires. Founded in 1985, Tianli is a leading agricultural, forestry and construction global tire brand that is now exclusively distributed by CMA in North America. In addition to Tianli Tires, CMA also manufactures and markets flag, associate and private brand products including: Double Coin, Warrior, Dynatrail, Dynacargo, Dynastar, Duraturn, and Bluestar.

“We have partnered with CMA for over 10 years and marketed their various tire brands such as Double Coin and Warrior. It is an honor to be part of the strategic positioning and campaign execution of bringing Tianli Tires to the North American market,” said Van Nguyen, Vice President of Artime Group. “In order to bring forth more brand awareness and growth, our team developed a new brand identity, website, sales and marketing materials, and an advertising and public relations campaign to ensure maximum market penetration within the commercial tire industry.” Artime Group’s previous brand launches for Double Coin have included Warrior, Duraturn, CMA de Mexico and Huayi Tire Canada.

“Our objective was to utilize Tianli’s price point and premium tire quality to execute a strong and cohesive launch to its target audience,” added Nguyen. “The launch quickly gained brand awareness and interest from tire dealers as well as with fleet managers within the construction, agriculture, and forestry industries.”