Kitchen United Retains Artime Group as Agency of Record

May 30, 2018

Artime Group has been selected by Kitchen United as their marketing agency of record. “I am delighted to team up again with Artime Group. I have partnered with them at previous companies where I have led, and they have consistently demonstrated the ability to develop strategies that improve brand awareness, grow sales and enhance corporate value,” said Jim Collins, CEO of Kitchen United. “We have a vision at Kitchen United to become a nationally recognized brand in our space and are confident that our partnership with Artime Group will help us achieve that objective.”

“We are proud to be named agency of record and gratified by the confidence that Kitchen United is placing in us,” said Henry Artime, President of Artime Group. “At Artime Group we are focused on delivering ideas that matter. Therefore, we look to translate value that results in our client’s growth and corporate success.”

Kitchen United is introducing a new and unique opportunity for food service providers to reach more consumers and realize their fullest business potential. For restaurants this means providing a top-tier facility combined with insights and ideas on how to profitably expand into the food delivery business. For entrepreneurial caterers, pop-ups, mobile food vendors and start-ups, Kitchen United  provides the business intelligence and resources to succeed with minimal risk and capital outlay. For more information visit