Pak Group Partners with Artime Group for Creative Services

August 13, 2013

Artime Group is pleased to announce the partnership with Pak Group, LLC for creative and public relations services.

“Pak Group is one of the largest top yeast manufacturers in the world,” said Van Nguyen, Media Director at Artime Group. “It is with great privilege to represent Pak Group with their media and public relations efforts as well as develop a new campaign for their Bellarise products.”

Pak Group’s Bellarise products will officially make its debut at this year’s IBIE (International Baking Industry Exposition) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 6th to 9th. “We look forward to making a big impact at this year’s IBIE show and bring Pak Group at the forefront of their buyers,” said Nguyen.

Pak Group’s marketing communications campaign consists of new print & online advertisements, collateral materials, packaging design, trade show booth design, and other visual components. “Through a new campaign and a strategic public relations plan, we are reinforcing the quality leadership position that Pak Group has already established in the industry.”