Steering a new consumer tire brand in the right direction

Manufactured and highly regarded outside the U.S. market, Warrior tires are engineered based on a technology partnership between Michelin® and Double Coin Holdings, Ltd in China. Warrior set out to gain a foothold in the highly competitive and saturated North American consumer tire market segment.

Facing challenges head-on with the right attitude

The major challenge that Warrior faces entering the U.S. market is, no brand awareness among dealers, distributors or consumers in a mature market already established with many popular brands that are supported by significant advertising budgets. Warrior needed editors and influencers within the industry to take notice of the brand and begin telling the Warrior story.

Finding the best route to build a brand

In order to create the maximum effect with a limited budget, Artime Group first developed a strategy to get the attention of editors, distributors, dealers, and other influencers . With the tire business being driven by recommendations at the point-of-purchase, Warrior will have to succeed within the reseller channel first.

Rolling out elements that will drive home the point

For the 2013 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show, Artime Group invited influential editors and writers to a Warrior Tire press conference. Artime Group introduced the brand around “Conquer the Road,”  and used it as a key message to communicate to the editors that Warrior will be good for tire dealers, distributors, and their customers. Our creative teams developed a bold, in-your-face look that communicates, “take me seriously.” That confident branding, and Warrior’s position of, “Change how you see the road,” is unified throughout all communications and media.

Location. Location. Location.

All three of the leading publications in the business, Tire Business, Tire Review and Modern Tire Dealer featured the brand in their editorial coverage. The print magazine stories represent roughly $35,000 in media placement value, and also earned impressions in e-newsletters.

Refining a brand for the North American Market

Artime Group persuaded Warrior’s distributors that the logo used in the Chinese market would not meet North American consumers’ expectations of a quality brand. To be sensitive to both sides of the Pacific, we kept the ‘W’ from the tire sidewall and added better, more appropriate typography.

In your face, as well as on your face.

With the core brand attribute of Warrior being “confidence,” we made sure that visitors are greeted with a little attitude. The award winning website is also fully responsive allowing it to be properly experienced on multiple devices.

Planning, inviting and executing the launch

Our media team collaborating with our account team and the client, handled all aspects of the press conference. The outcome was press coverage equaling roughly $35,000 in media placement.

Car rental, studio rental, image retouching – check, check, check.

Artime Group rented and photographed various cars with a vision that provides the client flexibility in the future to colorize each car in practically any color.