Giving a whole generation the resources for timeless living

Navigage is an evolving organization that set out to create lifestyle brands for diverse audiences.  Sherpa is their first brand – an exclusive membership community focused on the baby boomer generation. Research has found that baby boomers resist the idea of slowing down or moving into retirement communities. Sherpa is an alternative resource that provides concierge services, life enhancing opportunities and experiences so that boomers can live life on their own terms.

Guiding a new brand into the minds of boomers

Artime Group was brought on board from the beginning to develop the brand strategy, messaging and creative assets in order to launch the Sherpa brand in Los Angeles, California, with the hopes of franchising nationally in the future. The team needed to discover the most effective media for creating brand awareness and encouraging membership in the Sherpa community.

Tapping into the hopes, dreams and expectations of boomers

Boomers as a group refuse to be “old” or often even retire; they want to enjoy life to the fullest and on their own terms. Artime Group positioned the brand around ideas of, “your guide to what’s next,” and “your personal, get-it-done resource.” We set out to build a brand both offline and online that would resonate with the boomer mindset and not merely just look cool.

Using media most sought after by the target market

Artime Group designed each creative asset with the intention of it being utilized across various communication components. All elements in the system are clean, colorful, imaginative and youthful, unifying how they communicate Sherpa’s values. In addition, our team developed brand standards, a fully responsive website, event banners and signage, direct mail, quarterly catalogues, print ads, free standing inserts and more.

Establishing the voice and tools that speak to the audience

Artime Group successfully positioned Sherpa as a new boomer focused brand, properly positioned to address their lifestyle commitment towards timeless living. Artime Group successfully integrated various partners and vendors seamlessly into the backend of the award winning website we designed and developed. The Sherpa website is the primary communications medium for how the brand provides value to the membership.

Your guide to what’s next

Artime Group developed the fully responsive frontend and backend with an engaging user experience and simple user interface in mind. A baby boomer needs to quickly understand what’s available and navigate through various user applications without any degradation in the simplicity of the interface.

Using the media best suited for the target audience

Print media is alive and well among baby boomers. Research finds that print continues to be one of the top sources for boomers to gather information. The catalogue was part of the strategy to quickly build mindshare throughout the Los Angeles foothills.

Casual, cool, and captivating to the imagination

Artime Group built the brand’s visual language around two elements: the Sherpa icon in the logo and the orange scarf he wears around his neck. These elements are unified across all the various marketing communication, providing clarity and consistency in the branding.