Connecting principles a century old with legendary quality to celebrate 100 years

A B2B client since 2003, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is an unquestioned leader in the transportation industry. The company has remained true to timeless values that were put in place by its founders in 1914. These values, that are often nothing more than clichés today, include integrity, teamwork, commitment and innovation. For 100 years, Utility has been at the forefront of industry-defining innovation. With sales now in excess of $1B, there was a lot to celebrate.

Condensing 100 years into a compelling brand story that is unforgettable when read, heard, seen or experienced

100 years creates an extensive amount of valuable historical assets. We sifted through dozens of boxes with over 50,000 artifacts in order to scan, archive, and organize their rich history. The Artime Group was responsible for developing the theme and unforgettable stories that reveal the character of Utility Trailer Manufacturing and their commitment to continue leading for the next 100 years.

Amplifying brand awareness while clarifying the values and vision of Utility

Our communication goal was to look back – while looking forward. In partnership with Utility we leveraged the centennial celebration to become the most talked about company in the market, highlight what makes Utility exceptional, and link past accomplishments to current product benefits. Our strategy was to leverage every resource available to tell a concise, unified and compelling story that will stick in the minds of the customers.

Unifying every touch-point into a singular unforgettable experience

Artime Group made sure that “100 Years of Building Trailers” coursed through all communications in order to establish Utility’s preeminent position in the market. This included theme, logo, 23 videos, event planning, trade show booth design, print and digital ads, press events, and the design and production-supervision of a fifty-three foot traveling “Utility Legacy Museum” trailer equipped with an 8-seat movie theater and interactive touch screens.

With continued market share gains, the future looks very bright

The year long campaign and its various industry events resulted in over 200 social media mentions, and over 2.5 million earned impressions across several print and online properties within 2 months of its official launch. At its grand opening in March, 1,300 visitors walked through the Legacy Museum Trailer in 3 days. Perhaps not surprisingly, in 2014 Utility received the largest trailer order in its history.

The party hats will be a little extreme next year

Artime Group launched the celebration campaign in 2013 teasing the industry about things to come. The campaign resulted in conversations with buyers beginning three months prior to the campaign launch.

We built them first. We build them to last.

The ad campaign pointed out that Utility not only built trailers before any of its modern-day competitors, but that they remain the preeminent trailer brand enjoying a reputation for legendary quality and reliability.

Capturing 100 years of building trailers – in ways that move people

From an event grand opening video, to a six video series titled, “Around Here Some Things Never Get Old,” to the 23-minute full length documentary covering ten decades, Artime Group planned, wrote, and produced over 20 videos for the centennial celebration. All videos debuted at the week long celebration/party at the legendary La Quinta Resort and Club in the California desert. Several of these videos have already won awards.

The Utility Legacy Museum – Don’t miss it

Artime Group designed and supervised the building of a totally unique, never been done before, interactive “Legacy Museum Trailer.” At its debut during the Mid-America Trucking Show, over 1,300 industry enthusiasts enjoyed a Utility brand experience like never before. The traveling museum continued to bring awareness to the brand as it traveled throughout North America to 15 various dealer and corporate special events. In total, the Legacy Museum Trailer traveled roughly 13,000 miles in 2014.

One Hundred Years of Building Trailers

Artime Group took twelve months to research, write and publish the award winning centennial “coffee table” book that tells the Utility story in an interesting and visually stimulating manner. Our marketing objective was to have the book remembered and passed on, not to be a long self-aggrandizing corporate history book that might get glanced at once and then quickly forgotten.