From manufacturers to optimizers

A B2B client since 2007, Artime Group has recently helped Rehrig Pacific Company reposition its brand from ‘manufacturers’ to ‘logistics optimizers.’ Rehrig develops solutions for Fortune 100 companies that help their customers maximize productivity, lower costs, improve sales, and help enhance sustainability initiatives. Recently they introduced their innovative PUBKEG Program. It is designed to be a new turnkey, filling and distribution solution optimized to replace heavy metal kegs and lower distribution costs in the beer industry.

Creating a simple way to address an untapped market

As much as craft and micro breweries are revolutionizing how people enjoy beer throughout North America, the products and method that a typical brewer uses to fill, store, ship and market their product is relatively unchanged in over 100 years. Rehrig’s marketing team asked Artime Group to help overcome low brand awareness about their keg solution, entrenched keg acquisition behaviors, and the misperception that plastic can ruin the taste of beer or wine.

Using the power of video to tell a holistic story

Artime Group’s intent was to develop a marketing tool that makes it easy for a brewer anywhere in North America to acquaint themselves with the PUBKEG Program. Based on the target audience’s preference for the visual medium, the team suggested the use of video to tell an engaging story.

Using the brevity of video to clarify the program’s advantages

Artime Group developed and produced a 6-minute story that uses real brewers, craft beer enthusiasts, insiders and industry experts to demonstrate the value of the product and the program. Our team conceived, scripted, shot and produced this award winning video which shows how the PUBKEG performs in the real world. To watch, click on the video below.

Over 1,000 views in the first 6 months

The video has been instrumental in creating new sales opportunities for Rehrig’s national sales team, reinforcing in the minds of the audience that Rehrig Pacific Company not only has a better product, but an overall solution that optimizes sales, profitability, and costs. As a marketing tool this award winning video is meeting its business objectives.

Helping change how craft beers get distributed

Artime Group conceived, scripted, shot and produced this award winning video which shows how the PUBKEG performs in the real world.  Best perk, at the end of the day we got to sample anything we wanted.

Fill it. Sell it. Forget about it.

In addition to the video Artime Group also developed a print ad. Unified on the core benefit of the program, the ad communicates clearly to the target market, you keep brewing great beer and we’ll make sure you always have fresh kegs to deliver it in. Brief and to the point.

First the keg, then the pallet

After the success of the PUBKEG launch we were asked to brand the “Craft Pallet” that the kegs arrive on. Our creative team took into account the technology and process for applying color onto the pallet, making sure the final logo would be successful.

Making sure every presentation is on point and on brand

Due to the impact that the PUBKEG Program and brand was making in the industry, Rehrig was asked to speak at a national beverage industry trade show. Artime Group generated the slides and helped refine the messaging in order to provide clarity to the presentation.

Helping optimize beer distribution

Another award winning video produced by Artime Group for Rehrig to market themselves into the Beer, Wine and Spirits industry. In addition to this version the distributor asked Artime Group to produced a longer training version for SOP and safety purposes.