From ideation to post-production our award winning team is ready to tell your story

Our video production team concepts, writes/scripts, storyboards, shoots and produces all our videos. We always work closely and collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the objectives drive the creative, and not vice-versa. Artime Group animations and videos have been used to engage customers and build brands at trade shows, sales meetings, and for general online marketing purposes. In 2014, we added drone video footage to our capabilities.

Green screen is a cost effective alternative when location shooting is prohibitive

In order to demonstrate “Consumer Engagement” we needed to capture how our client’s product helps brands merchandise through imbedded technologies. Artime Group shot this scene of a shopper at a “Big Box” store at our client’s warehouse, saving them $5,000 – $10,000 in location fees.

Raise your expectations about what’s possible

The use of a drone allows Artime Group to capture unique and dramatic footage for our clients. As more and more companies embrace the use of video, a drone’s unique view makes a memorable impression. Particularly, for large manufacturing organizations it’s an excellent tool for capturing the scale of your operations.

Artime Group allows you to seamlessly integrate video into your marketing mix

Our experience with talent screening, location scouting, green screen, or studio shooting, along with our post-production capabilities allows our team to take your marketing to the next level. Artime Group’s video team has tackled projects that required “under the radar – guerrilla” shooting as well as projects requiring us to secure full location permits and licensing rights. See below for more samples of our work and capabilities.

Contact our office to discuss how we can strategically integrate video into your marketing efforts.