Put your data analytics to work

February 27, 2018
Author: Van Nguyen

The world of marketing and advertising certainly evolves in parallel with consumer preferences and behaviors. As marketers we are constantly surrounded by new ideas, new technology, new buzzwords, and new methods to increase sales. Over the next few blog posts, we’ll explore data analytics and other underutilized marketing tools in order to provide a different perspective for understanding their use.


First, let’s talk about data.

When the industry introduced online marketing, we were all attracted to the idea of acquiring analytics to measure ad performance. Today, there is a need for better data, not for the sake of looking at ROI, KPIs, and other acronyms that CYA to justify spend, but for better audience targeting. Today, more intelligence is widely available, and it enables you to personalize content, understand your audience, and speak to them with relevance.

Meaningful content is the key to being noticed through all of the online clutter, and it provides your audience with valuable information to make a better decision. More and more people are pre-educating themselves online prior to the initial interest or purchase intent, so it’s important to make your communications about their needs and wants. Your agency shouldn’t just provide the data, but they should also provide insightful recommendations so you can speak to your audience directly and address how you can solve their business problem.

For example, when we first assessed our clients’ web metrics and discovered the average time on site was low, we proposed a complete redesign to increase engagement and capture audience retention. One thing we’ve noticed was that their website copy was all about their company – the what, who, when, and where, but they were missing the “why” from the customer’s perspective. We began by surveying their sales team and a few of their customers. This served to guide us in the right direction in order to rewrite their “story” for their website and through platforms such as content marketing, remarketing campaigns, and other search engine marketing strategies. The result was a higher conversion rate, more pages viewed, more time spent on the website, and a lower overall bounce rate because the assumption was that we spoke to their audience with relevance and made the story all about “them.”

Analytics such as web metrics and data from surveys could help predict a higher likelihood of conversion, and it could also increase your chances for obtaining new leads. Once you understand your audience better, your continuing marketing efforts are more on target, and will get more noticed among the online clutter.

You should seek an agency partner that doesn’t just report on the data – ask them to provide you insights on how the data can be used to improve your marketing efforts. In our next blog post, we’ll explore the importance of messaging for the medium. Once you’ve obtained an understanding of audience preferences and their behaviors, the type of medium you use will dictate how you communicate to them.

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