Was your 2020 full of shift?

December 1, 2020
Author: Henry Artime

Your customers have shifted where they consume information.

For every one of our clients, COVID has accelerated the need and desire for digital resources. Both consumer and B2B channels have reflected this shift. Just twelve months ago the B2B customer would have attended several trade shows and conferences, listened to a few webinars, scheduled many face-to-face meetings, and perhaps read their industry publications throughout the week on a flight.

Enter COVID.

In a mere eight months’ time, the B2B customer has increasingly shifted to online resources such as trusted industry news sources, social media platforms, webinars, podcasts and other digital channels. Even video content has seen a surge among C-Level executives.

The challenge for marketers is to discover the specific behavioral shift among our customers. The term ‘content marketing’ has been around for a while, and now is the time for it to take center stage. In this COVID era, and the post-COVID era to come, creating and delivering targeted, meaningful, and attention-getting content will be mission critical.

All of us will need to create content that addresses our solutions to the customer’s challenges, answers the questions they are asking, and makes an emotional and relevant connection to them. In 2021, our online content must be memorable. We will be competing more than ever before, for peoples’ attention.

I’d like to remind us that our objective is not a tactic (video, banner, eblast, landing-page, etc.); our objective is an outcome (click, download, purchase, contact request, etc.).

Money is pouring into digital media. Now we all need a good strategy, good stories and good content.

2020 was full of shift, and 2021 is going to be even more exciting. Disruption always causes opportunity. As a friend of mine likes to say, when you rearrange the furniture you always find loose change. For 2021, the time is now to plan your change.

Click here to download a PDF with data from our digital marketing efforts in 2020 – you may be surprised by what’s possible.

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